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The property sits on 70 acres of pristine land overlooking Port Huon and the Hartzview mountains. It is steeped in history. The property has been an orchard for over 100 years. Apples were the primary produce up until the sixties.  Many apples were then pushed out and replaced with apricots. However, due to the intensive work load and sliding markets for both apples and apricots, it was decided in the early nineties that cherries were to be the next big thing!

In 2014, Platinum Ridge purchased the property with the intention of bringing this magnificent property back to its former glory.  Expansion plans with the cherries are ongoing and restoration of the original apple packing sheds and cool rooms are being undertaken to ensure the best fruits are being pack in the highest quality and standard.

Our aim is not only to create excitement in the export market due to our premium products but also to make this property accessible to the public.

Contact us to arrange for a guided tour in our farm!

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