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In late November each year, we prepare for the peak season – the harvest.

We encourage new and existing people to be a part of our most exciting time of the year.

From professional pickers, international backpackers, students on school holidays or even just local people keen for some extra cash, Platinum Ridge offers a range of opportunities

Cherry Picking

  • Pickers will require a high degree of physical fitness and general good health.
  • The work is not particularly heavy but does required continuous physical activity for a minimum of eight hours per day.
  • Pickers are required to carry orchard ladders, their picking lugs and containers from tree to tree during the day.
  • Pickers will need to continually climb the ladders to pick the fruit.
  • The work requires stretching, reaching, bending and lifting throughout the day.

Sorting/Grading & Boxing

  • Packing shed sorting staff make the decision on what standard the fruit is i.e. Export – First Class, Second Class, Jam Fruit or waste.
  • Training is provided on what fruit is to be placed in each of the lines provided.
  • Most sorters will be seated during the day and packers are required to stand all day at the weighting stations filling the cartons.

It is essential that sorters and packers have good eyesight and are able to do repetitive tasks with their hands, arms and eyes without losing concentration.

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